First Steps to Forever: A Blueprint for Beginning Your Wedding Planning

A high end wedding reception space full of flowers, candles.

December 28, 2023

‘Tis the season! Amidst the holly and jolly, many couples are taking the next step in their relationship and getting engaged! And while the initial excitement can be overwhelming, so, too can the thoughts of what steps to take next. That’s right, I’m talking about wedding planning, and A Lost Epic has a few tips on where to begin this journey.

Wedding Planner or Venue: Where to Begin?

One of the initial decisions you and your partner will need to make is whether to kick off your planning journey by hiring a wedding planner or by selecting a venue. Fortunately, these two steps are somewhat interchangeable. Wedding planners are often more than happy to join your team, even if you haven’t finalized a date yet. Plus, engaging a wedding planner early on can be a game-changer—they’ll not only assist with the logistics but also offer invaluable advice throughout the process.

An intimate wedding lunch reception space with midcentury-inspired furnishings and a view of gardens and trees out large windows.

Selecting the Perfect Venue: Setting the Stage

Choosing your wedding venue sets the stage for the rest of your planning endeavors. With a date selected, it becomes much easier to secure other vendors and establish a cohesive theme for your celebration. Additionally, knowing the venue helps you determine the atmosphere of your ceremony and provides clarity on the number of guests you can invite. Will it be lush and full of flowers and friends partying the night away? Maybe you prefer intimate and low-key – just your nearest and dearest celebrating in a stunning location. Take the time to explore various venues and find the one that speaks to your vision for the big day.

Photography and Videography Teams: Capturing the Magic

Once you have your planner and the venue sorted, the next crucial step is to secure your photography and videography teams. These professionals will be with you throughout the wedding day, capturing the magical moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime. By hiring them early in the planning process, you not only ensure their availability but also build a relationship that will contribute to a seamless and stress-free experience on your wedding day.

A bride in white poses in the window light of a rustic space while videographer, dressed in black, crouches down with a camera.

A Team That Has Your Back

As you navigate the wedding planning process, it’s essential to remember that the team you’re building around you—comprising your wedding planner, venue staff, and photography/videography teams—has your back. These talented professionals are committed to making your day extraordinary, so lean on them for guidance, support, and expertise. As you build your vendor team, ask for referrals to your next step! This ensures a crew that vibes well and works seamlessly together for *you* and your vision. Wedding planning might have its overwhelming moments, but with the right team, it can be a joyful and unforgettable journey.

Amidst all of the chaos of wedding planning, our last tip is to take a deep breath, revel in the joy of your engagement, and approach your wedding planning with excitement and confidence. With the right foundation (and the right vendors!) you’re well on your way to creating the wedding of your dreams. Even if you’re just getting started, feel free to reach out by filling out my contact form.

Cheers to the love that brought you here and the journey that lies ahead!