The Importance of Audio in Your Wedding Film

a woman in a floral dress smiles holding a microphone

August 21, 2023

The groom hesitated. I handed my second filmmaker a small recorder and gave her tips about hiding it in his light-colored suit jacket for their ceremony. “Do I have to wear that?”

In my eyes, the real essence of the day is captured through audio. It’s the first thing I lay out in an edit, the backbone of my storytelling. That said, I wouldn’t prioritize it over the comfort level of my client.

Thankfully, he chose to get mic’d up, and hearing B+K running off into the fields of Owl’s Hoot Barn after they were pronounced husband and wife, dancing, embracing, giggling… that moment made it all worth it.

Bess + Eric, on the other hand, were totally comfortable around cameras and recorders. There was no hesitation. They wanted that audio captured. But still, Bess couldn’t even see the lav run through Eric’s jacket, even as close as the two got during their sweet first look in front of The Grenville Hotel, the pink Victorian where Bess’ grandmother took her family for vacations throughout their lives.

There’s a good reason for that. Couples seeing each other before their wedding ceremony often go right into photo session before exchanging vows. I hide my recorders under shirt collars, inside dresses, wherever they need to be to capture the best audio of your big day while also staying out of sight. Seeing the mic in your video reminds you that you’re watching a video instead of experiencing the moment all over again. It also makes your photographers very happy that they don’t have to hide or edit out a black wire (especially on a light suit!) We stop the recorder and leave it in place so you can take your photos and start it up again before walking in to become one in front of friends and family.

The Technical Stuff

When Sara Joe + Eric booked their Spring 2023 wedding with me, capturing great audio was a priority for them: the content of what was said, their vows, their speeches. As a documentary filmmaker and journalist, respectively, they wanted the nitty gritty of how I could make that happen, and I’m happy to share.

Currently, I’m mic’ing one person in the couple with a hidden lav mic for the first look.

During your ceremony, your officiant will also be wearing one. Another recorder is plugged into the speaker system (provided by your entertainment company or venue) and yet another hidden in a key space, often around where you are standing or on a podium if you have readers using one. I love that extra recorder for the ambient sounds of laughter and applause from your guests.

For reception, it’s down to three recorders: one connected directly to your entertainment/DJ board (with their assistance/permission,) one mounted to a speaker, and that final hidden recorder (often placed near your own seats to capture any reactions or responses to speeches.)

Why It Matters

The use of words and voices, ambient sounds, music, laughter, cheering during your wedding day is a key differentiator between not just photo and video, but between A Lost Epic and some of our contemporaries in the wedding videography field. You may love the music video style of a wedding film that sets beautiful shots to a great song, but my storytelling is audio-first: the things you and your loved ones say that get specific about your unique love. The laughter that rings in your ears. The voices you hold in your memories when the person you care for out of reach.

Let me help you hold onto that. Reach out and let me know whose voice and emotions you want to experience again.