The answers to all of your wedding videography faqs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leah the only filmmaker/editor for A Lost Epic?

Leah here, and while A Lost Epic is my own business, I could not do what I do without the support of my team. I always bring a second filmmaker to help me capture your day. That means multiple cameras rolling, your video team being in multiple places at once, and honestly, I live for the collaboration and excitement of sharing the most EPIC shots. I don’t employ anyone else full-time, however I do have trusted colleagues I call on to be by my side. Most have their own businesses as well, and I would trust them to capture my own family or even step in if I needed to be replaced.

Do I need to wear a mic?

If you take a look at my films, I think you’ll find that my editing is heavily audio-driven. I build your story around the sounds and words captured from you, your loved ones, both ambient and directly mic’d. These are the specific moments I intentionally record audio:

- if you’re having a first look, I will clip or tape a small mic and recorder to one or both of you during that time. It’s not to put you on the spot, but we just never know what your reactions will be! I’d rather capture it than risk not having that.
- during your ceremony, I’ll use 3-4 recorders: a lavalier mic on one or both of you (dependent on outfits and hidden as much as possible - behind boutonnieres, under shirt collars…), another on your celebrant, an ambient recorder just in case, maybe one mounted to a microphone or podium, and if possible, a recorder connected to your PA system or DJ.
- during your reception, I’ll work with your DJ and/or your venue to connect a direct line to the sound system and/or speakers. I bring all the connectors I can think of to make this happen so we don’t need to run around placing mics on your toast-givers (and then panicking when someone leaves their jacket on their chair or is wearing an impossible-to-mic dress.)

And I know the next question - "did you hear XYZ?" Because of the way I sync and edit, unless it was said or done *during* the ceremony or speech I’m editing, your secrets are safe! I really don’t listen to all the stuff before and after (unless I already know it’s REALLY good…)

Will you be putting up lights during our reception?

One of my main goals as a laid back videographer is to capture the moments as they unfold, not to control them. I’ve known wedding videographers who are more concerned with the film they’re making than the couple they’re capturing it for. That said, yes, I will *probably* use lights at your reception, but only for certain scheduled, key moments. I’ll add light to things like your entrances, special dances and speeches to balance out other lighting in the room (from your venue or DJ) and make sure I’m capturing them in their best, well, light. 

These are times when the focus of your guests is on the spaces I’m lighting, so they shouldn’t be blaring in anyone’s eyes or impacting the overall ambiance of your carefully crafted reception space. I don’t generally use them during the open dancing, because I don’t want to interrupt the party atmosphere or make you or your guests feel spotlighted. In fact, I even like to go handheld with my camera during that time, which helps me to move with the crowd and blend in with the photographers (who, for what it’s worth, I’ve often been told also appreciate the video lights during these formal moments.)

Are you insured? My venue is asking for a certificate of insurance.

Yep! Just let me know who at your venue I should send it to and if they require being listed as “additionally insured.”

We love your work, how much $$$ should I expect to spend?

In my experience, no two couples or wedding days are the same, so rather than ask you to choose from a set menu of packages, I custom create a film quote specific to you and your partner. A lot of what I'm interested in on our initial call is not just getting to know you, but figuring out how exactly I can help you two capture the most EPIC party you will probably ever throw. I can tell you that my recent quotes have been around $8,500 and up. It's going to vary based on number of hours, length and type of film, and if you are interested in any products like a custom USB or video album.

Okay! We want you to film our wedding! What’s the process?

Step one is to reach out! I’ll confirm that I’m available for your wedding day and send you a link to schedule a get-to-know you phone call. (Before we chat, I’ll send over a questionnaire to get some details so we can *actually* get to know each other and not spend the first 15 minutes taking notes and spelling names.)

Once I know more about you, we’ll set up a Zoom call where I can present a proposal based on our previous conversation. That’s our chance to review details and my recommendations, and make any necessary tweaks so that the quote you receive is ready for you to say YES! LET’S DO THIS!

Once you click “Accept Quote” you’ll receive a contract and invoice. I require a $2,000 deposit to secure your date (the balance is due 30 days before your event, and payments can be made online or by check on your schedule.) 

I’ll check in as the date creeps closer, both because I like you and cannot get enough wedding talk, and also to make sure the package we’ve crafted together is still exactly what you want, what you really, really want.

What if something changes before the wedding day? Can we update our film coverage?

Abso-friggin-lutely! Event filmmaking is unpredictable at best, and flexibility is key. That’s why I’ll be checking in with you between booking and your wedding date, to make sure the package we’ve crafted together still fits you and makes you feel fabulous, like a bespoke tailored suit. 

In fact, on our proposal call, I’ll share both your custom package and a list of a la carte options so you know right up front what changes you can make and what they’ll cost you. (To be honest, as long as it’s before the wedding day, I can often squeeze things like coverage hours and edits in at your package rate, and only rely on the add-on pricing for those on-the-day or post-wedding decisions. Part of that is because I never want cost to be the reason you don’t have me there to capture a special moment that can’t be re-created!)

Do you back up our footage? How long do you keep it?

Oh yes. It starts on your wedding day. I record simultaneously on two separate SD cards. On the drive home, I have one of those cards on my person and the other stays in the camera. I also copy my second shooter’s cards to a portable hard drive before we leave and confirm with them when it’s backed up. 

At home, I copy all footage and audio to a working hard drive and set up a redundancy to a desktop hard drive that never leaves my office. That drive is consistently backed up to the cloud and is retrievable in a worst case scenario.

After 1 year, your project and footage will be moved to an archive drive and stored. I’ll check in with you before that happens to see if you need any other editing or want to purchase the Raw Footage for your own safe-keeping.

do you offer raw footage?

Yes, and I like to be very clear about what that means, because I find that in the wedding video industry, the definition can vary quite a bit. When I provide raw footage, I am simply copying all of the files directly from my working hard drive to your custom fancy solid state hard drive. That means all of the separate clips, different cameras, standalone audio recorders, etc. I don’t guarantee you have the software to play the files. The camera moves, starts and stops, you will hear my bad jokes and nervous laughter all over again. It is *RAW* footage and audio. (I do not include edit project files.)

So, if you’re worried about missing a moment from your ceremony or speeches and want to be able to sit back and watch the whole thing with your family, you may actually want Full Length Doc Edits.

If you have editing capabilities or are a digital hoarder like me and just want to know that you have an archive of your full wedding day on hand, then you may truly be interested in a hard drive full of Raw Footage.

How long do we need to wait for our film?

This was always my least favorite question, because I hate seeing you wait to relive the most EPIC day of your lives (so far?) Your contract will state 4-6 months. However, with an updated workflow, I’m cutting that time in half for most of my clients. 

If you’re receiving a 1-min teaser, you’ll have it within a week of your wedding date. The rest of your films will be delivered in your shareable online video gallery as they’re completed. Any physical products like a video album, USB drive, or hard drive of raw footage will be shipped after editing is completed, and you’ll have a tracking number to follow your package.

Can I select the music?

In short, no. Here’s why: the goal for your wedding film edit is to tell a story, to shape time and visuals and audio and make you *feel* something. Music choice is one of the tools in my tool belt, one of the puzzle pieces that has to fit, one of the… well, that’s enough metaphors, I think you get it. 

BUT. It is also YOUR wedding film at the end of it all, and the intention is for it to reflect you as a couple and family. Hate songs with lyrics? Let me know. Absolutely love a certain type of music? Send me some inspo. In the edit, I do my best to take a cue from song choices at your event and use my own judgement to find music that fits. (It’s gotta feel right!)

How do you deliver our film(s)?

Video Album

Custom USB

You’ll receive a link to an online video gallery (sample film gallery here) that you can share with loved ones. Your client gallery is optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile screens, downloadable, and watchable on smart TVs and streaming devices. 
I describe it as looking a little bit like a DVD menu, so even your less-technologically-capable family members should find it accessible, with Doc Edits framed as “Scene Selections” and a big ol’ “Play Film” button on your cinematic highlight.

*Billy Mays voice activate* BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. You can also choose to receive your film(s) on an heirloom video album, a custom USB, or a solid state hard drive (for raw footage.)

Is there an option to keep our film private?

I know you cannot wait to share your day and your memories with your family and friends, and neither can I! You're proud of who you are, the work you put in to create an amazing day for you and your loved ones. I'm proud of the work I did in capturing that day and telling your story. Sharing is also key to my future clients discovering my work - you probably found and trusted me because of similar films that I put out online or sent you as an example. 

But maybe you *don't* necessarily want to share such a personal event with the rest of the world. I get it. In cases where you need or want that privacy, you can purchase the sharing rights. In that case, I will password protect your video gallery (always an option!) and will not use footage from your wedding film in my marketing.

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to you and your team for being there to capture our day. Thank you thank you thank you!!”

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I’m going to continue to recommend you!”

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